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CLICKBRICKpv - Solar Facades

In Development.

Available 2024.

Brick cladding, now with solar

CLICKBRICKpv is the latest innovation from New Zealand Startup Company CLICKBRICK Limited.

CLICKBRICKpv is an exciting, new, Building-Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) solution based on the universally accepted brick aesthetic, and is available in 18 different colours. Each square meter has 24 invisible photovoltaic cells to generate renewable energy. Our modular panels use plug-and-play technology, making them easy to install. All CLICKBRICK panels are weather-tight, and assemble to form face-sealed cladding without the need for costly pre-cladding boards or adhesives.


As buildings account for 40% of global energy consumption and contribute to carbon emissions, traditional energy sources are no longer sustainable. CLICKBRICKpv is the perfect solution to harness the power of the sun effectively. Combining innovative solar photovoltaic technology with traditional glass brick cladding, our product offers a visually stunning design that generates renewable energy and reduces reliance on fossil fuels.

CLICKBRICKpv is perfect for any sector, be it commercial, residntial, or public buildings. Our product offers a unique integration that enhances energy efficiency, providing a competitive edge over other cladding solutions. Customizable, easy to install, and available in a range of sizes, colors, and patterns, CLICKBRICKpv is the answer to your building design needs. Make your building stand out with CLICKBRICKpv, the ultimate cladding solution.

Taking a Deeper Dive into Our Technology

A closer look at CLICKBRICKpv

Our units are made up of three layers for optimal performance:

  1. Brick Facing:
    The solar glass bricks have a decorative appearance and a surface that replicates the texture of solid masonry. This layer is acid-etched for a matte finish.
  2. PV Technology:
    • The inside layer is sandwiched between the two outside layers to encapsulate our solar electricity technology.
    • 12x Monocrystalline HTJ Bi-faced photovoltaic cells are arranged to generate between 110w/m2 (white brick) and 190w/m2 (black brick) of energy.
  3. Panel Backing:
    The CLICKBRICK backing provides weather-tightness, where the wiring loom connects panels.

Contact us now to learn more about CLICKBRICKpv.

A closer look at CLICKBRICKpv


A closer look at CLICKBRICKpv

We manufacture a range of 18 colours, each with differing electrical outputs. White is the lowest at a maximum of 104w/m2. and black being the highest at 190w/m2.

Contact us now to learn more about CLICKBRICKpv.

A closer look at CLICKBRICKpv

Transforming the Building Industry

Traditionally, renewable energy installations, such as rooftop solar panels, have been added to existing structures. However, the integration of solar panels into building materials offers a more seamless and aesthetically pleasing solution. Solar bricks, with their ability to blend into the building facade, can be incorporated during the construction phase, ensuring an integrated and efficient energy generation system.