Looking for a cost-effective way to add some style to your interior or exterior? Check out our Faux PLUS Series! These panels replicate the look of real stone, painted brick, and shuttered concrete, and they're designed to interlock for maximum weathertightness. Plus, they're more affordable than our Real Series and come finished with a 4mm durable surface. Give your space a fresh new look with our Faux PLUS Series.

What is Faux PLUS?

Cross-section of our Faux PLUS White Brick with the durable 4mm surface.

The term "Faux" is commonly used in French to refer to something that is fake or of poor quality. However, at CLICKBRICK, we strive to produce only high-end finishes. Our Faux PLUS series, boasts several impressive features.

Faux PLUS features:

  1. Incredibly high definition so as to be indistinguishable from the real thing,
  2. Maximum resistance to wear and tear thanks to our vitreous 4mm proprietory finish.

Faux Stone

Faux White Brick

Faux Shuttered Concrete