Designed For Cladding

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Designed for builders...
not tilers.

Builders and architects prefer to use mechanically fixed cladding. Adhered masonry is perceived as risky, and stacked masonry is slow and not earthquake-proof.

CLICKBRICK uses heavy-duty SPAX washer-head screws to secure cassettes to the structural wall.

CLICKBRICK cassettes can also be unscrewed, making them reusable with no end of life.

Note 1) For cladding, we recommend face fixings at perimeter terminations.

Note 2) CLICKBRICK can be fitted to framework and masonry structures.

Auxillery insulation.

CLICKBRICK customers benefit from our passive house technology.

Our cassettes are partially comprised of PIR, which acts as an insulative layer between your house and the weather.

Products of this type are known as External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS)


Fire resistance is highly relevant for domestic applications in New Zealand, with most fires occuring in one or two-story homes.

We manufacture CLICKBRICK® cassettes free from combustible materials ensuring they are non-flammable.

Currently, we are conducting testing to EM7 in consultation with facade engineers. Soon we should be viable finish for multi-story commercial buildings.

RAB and rainscreen

CLICKBRICK has begun testing its new direct fix system, a face-sealed rigid air barrier (RAB) screwed directly over 20mm cavity battens. Similar to weatherboard and other claddings.

This powerful standalone weather tightness solution saves materials, time and money by eliminating the requirement for other RAB boards or fibre cement sheet.

CLICKBRICK's tongue and groove design creates overlapping cassettes with the following benefits:

  • Improved protection against moisture ingress into buildings.
  • Improved thermal performance through solar shading, increased insulation and reduced thermal bridging.

Reduced Noise

CLICKBRICK Cassettes are being tested for accoustic dampening. Please contact our office for more information.

Designed For Cladding

The Basics

Wall finishes should be fast, easy to install, affordable, and look great.

This is why we created CLICKBRICK with its modular format to enable repeatability, reliability and weather tightness.

As the name infers, CLICKBRICK clicks together for rapid preassembly. Then, use the two screws provided to anchor each cassette back to the wall mechanically - ensuring future performance free from failures.

If used as a cladding, it is essential to know that CLICKBRICK complies with the New Zealand Building Code. CLICKBRICK is the only masonry casette designed and tested for exterior cladding to satisfy B1, B2 and E2 performance codes.

Indirect Cost Savings

Reduce build time. Reduce holding costs. Complete more houses per year. Minimise weekly scaffolding and labour expenses. Avoid post-sale margin erosion associated with other masonry.


  1. New Zealand made
  2. Pre-fabricted off site
  3. Light Weight
  4. Real masonry (or faux if preffered)
  5. Panels click together for easy installation
  6. External corners available for columns and chimneys
  7. A range of colours and finishes to suit all budgets


  1. Fast and easy and enjoyable to use
  2. No mortar or mess
  3. Weathertight
  4. Panels have insulative properties
  5. Indirect cost savings on scaffold and holding costs
  6. Beautiful Finishes
  7. Non-flammable

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Architects and designers can obtain preliminary drawings and written specifications from our download page. However, it's important to note that these are only draft documents and should not be used for building consent applications. To stay informed about our progress in achieving test evidence and compliance with building code performance clauses, we recommend signing up for our newsletter (below).

We Welcome Your Feedback

Our team is dedicated to delivering products that are unrivaled in quality.

Currently, we are gathering feedback from industry experts, architects, designers, and builders. We appreciate your steadfast support!

Early Adoptors

At CLICKBRICK, we are thrilled to receive your inquiries.

We are currently seeking pilot projects to validate the effectiveness of our products on-site. Applications include:

We will soon be showcasing our building compliance through a Product Technical Statement for upcoming cladding applications. However, we regret to inform you that we won't be able to supply for any projects that are currently underway.